383 SBC Build, Part V

Blowing the Build 383 SBC Build, Part V: A Prototype Never Produced- Chevrolet’s “Super-Fire V8” By Ryan Manson * Here’s the valve-in-head V8 as only the leader can build it and here are some wonderful things it brings you: 578 horsepower and 620 lb-ft. torque made possible by the employment of an extremely efficient […]

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383 SBC Build, Part IV

Dressing up a modern engine with vintage amenities 383 SBC Build, Part IV By Ryan Manson * It’s pretty exciting when your engine project starts coming together and you’ve finally got an assembled long block on your engine stand. For me, it’s usually the culmination of months of planning and a few evening’s worth

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383ci SBC Build, part II

Building a Bullet Proof Rotating Assembly 383ci SBC Build, Part II By Ryan Manson * With the foundation of our 383ci Chevy build in place thanks to the installation of the forged Eagle 3 ¾-inch stroked crankshaft, it’s time to move onto the rotating assembly. That means it’s time to file the rings, unwrap

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