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383 SBC Build, Part V

Blowing the Build 383 SBC Build, Part V: A Prototype Never Produced- Chevrolet’s “Super-Fire V8” By Ryan Manson * clampdowncomp@gmail.com Here’s the valve-in-head V8 as only the leader can build it and here are some wonderful things it brings you: 578 horsepower and 620 lb-ft. torque made possible by the employment of an extremely efficient

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383 SBC Build, Part III

Installing the top end of our 383 blower build 383ci SBC Build, Part III By Ryan Manson * clampdowncomp@gmail.com With the short block assembled for our 383 supercharged project motor, it’s time to shift our attention once again; this time to the heads and valve train. Like the rotating assembly, when it came to choosing

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